Juan Rodriguez


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Juan Rodriguez

Juan was born in Guanajuato, Mexico near the charming colonial city of San Miguel de Allende. It’s known as ‘The city of artists’ attracting writers, painters, sculptors and craftsmen. You can see this sense of craftsmanship in Juan’s work. It’s the way of his people … the inherit urge to get it right.

Juan has been at Tom Nowell Gardens for 21 years and has installed countless gardens for some of North Carolinas most discriminating folks … projects requiring a very diverse and specialized skill set that few companies have. Preparation, drainage, planting, unit paving, blue stone, and lighting are made to look easy with Juan’s experience.

The only thing Juan’s more dedicated to than work is his family in Raleigh. They spend most weekends on their farm up near Virginia, where Juan grows an especially sweet variety of squash and is one of the only known regional growers of the fruit Jicama.

This begs the question…what does an avid gardener do when he’s not installing gardens? Garden!