What we do

At Tom Nowell Gardens we specialize in residential work. It’s all that we do. This can be either Design-Build work (we’re both the designer and the installer) or implementing the designs of a few select Landscape Architects and Designers we collaborate with.



This process involves only two parties, you and us. We meet to discuss any improvements you are interested in. We listen and gather as much information as possible to aid in producing an effective design. Afterwards, we perform a site analysis. This process notes drainage concerns, objectionable views, sun direction, traffic patterns, topography and any existing conditions relevant to producing the new plan.

We understand the principles of design and transform these observations into a landscape plan. The plan is then quantified into a proposal, which addresses the cost of installation. Plans often involve not only landscape plantings but also hardscape elements such as bluestone, pavers, stone veneer walls, walks and water features. Some projects include extensive drainage improvements, landscape lighting, specialized fences or gates and exterior carpentry.

At Tom Nowell Gardens we know plant material. We have extensive knowledge of what plantings will and won’t work. We enjoy friendly business relationships with top growers in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. We know where to go for the “good stuff” so that your project is the best that it can be.

There is simply no substitute for experience. We create value by making the design-build process simple and effective.


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From time to time we enjoy a team approach with a select group of area Architects, Designers and Landscape Architects who share our passion for great residential design.

Chip Callaway & Associates / Greensboro, NC
Arnette B. Clark Design, Inc. ASLA / Cary, NC
Betty Twiggs Landscape Design / Raleigh, NC
Ward Design Group / Durham, NC
Richard Hall Designs / Raleigh, NC
David Brown, ASLA / Raleigh, NC