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He has years of experience managing development teams at agencies and was also previously a senior software engineer at Yahoo! He is extremely well-versed in developing product architecture, planning the content of product releases, and more. Genius Idea: 3D virtual fitting technology lets you determine whether a pair of glasses flatters your face before making a purchase.

That expectation is a function of how well the brand performs against the brand promise over time. And consumers invest in brands based on both rational and emotional expectations.

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We produce interactive design, 360° panoramas and engaging digital cross-platform. She’ll also talk to anyone on the street.

With a huge variety of designer sunglasses and prescription glasses starting at $109 and prescription lenses starting at $59, we’ve got the pair that’s right for you.

Our ideas are reevaluated and reenergized by each new step and each new discovery along the way. We tailor the process to the particular needs of each client, involving as many creative problem solvers.